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Virtualization - Why should I care?


Many of your servers are probably underutilized and each Underutilized Server’s Resources are unavailable to those Overloaded.

Isn't it time to consider Virtualization?

Let me show you how your servers can share resources without affecting their performance.

Contact me now and let’s see how much money, energy and floor space, you can save.

BCC can help you to Architect your Virtualization Strategy

What Is Virtualization?

Forms of Virtualization
Why does Virtualization exist?
Multiple Applications on a single hardware
It’s a Green solution
Server or Workstation
Reasons for Virtualizing
A Virtual Solution
Server Consolidation

There are various forms of Virtualization:
  • Server or Workstation
  • Networks
  • Disk
  • Applications
Why does Virtualization exist?
  • … and why is it the hottest item since sliced bread?
  • The answer is simple – It can save money!
  • Easily affordable hardware resources have outstripped the performance level required by applications.
  • This has created a surplus of performance which is available to be used.
  • An obvious way is to allow multiple applications to run on a single physical device.

Multiple Applications on a single piece of hardware

  • The easiest way to handle this is to implement a way of simulating complete computers as software, thereby sharing the excess hardware.
  • Another way would be to create a sandboxed environment for a specific application, thus allowing multiple, separate instances, to coexist.
  • Or one can use both of the above at the same time.

It’s a Green solution

  • Cost of hardware – one needs fewer physical machines
  • Cost of running - fewer machines mean less:
    • Physical space is needed.
    • Electricity is used.
    • Cooling is required.
    • UPS power used.
  • Fewer maintenance contracts.

Server or Workstation

  • This is a machine level of virtualization.
  • A complete machine is implemented in software , rather than as a physical device.
  • Resources are not locked in silos! 
  • Pooled Resources are available as and when required.
    • Need more processor power? – it’s available from the pool
    • Need more memory? – it’s available from the pool
  • Previously one machine would be using 10% of its processor availability while another maxed out.
  • Previously one machine would be dying due to too small a memory, while another idled.

Reasons for Virtualizing

  • Server Consolidation
  • Server Sandboxing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 100% Uptime
  • Ease of Machine Deployment
  • Ease of Machine Hardware Maintenance
  • Immunity from Hardware Changes
  • Maximize Return On Investment
  • Better Risk Management

A Virtual Solution

               Host Machine     Host Machine   

Two Physical machines hosting 12 Virtual machines

Server Consolidation

  • This is normally given as the biggest plus as it saves cost.
  • As with anything, it must be implemented judiciously.
  • Works best where servers have been implemented for specific applications, thus creating a large farm.
  • Some Virtualization software will deploy virtual machines to the least used hardware.  Automatically.
  • Taking a Host offline will cause Virtual machines to migrate to the other Hosts.  Automatically.
  • Physical machines can be taken down and repaired without affecting the business